Clutter in your household can start off small.

From a messy stack of papers or a few soda cans in the bin, this small mess can turn into a mountain of litter if you don’t tend to it right away!

This is why clutter should be taken care of, pronto. 

Don’t worry about being overwhelmed, it’s easier to deal with this chaos if you grab it by the roots. One area at a time.


Here are five ways to keep in mind.

Bedside manners

Your day starts and ends with your bed. So treat it as a top priority by simply making your bed the moment you wake up each day.

It’s easy to leave that oh-so-wonderful mattress behind especially if you forgot to plug in your alarm again. Then again, it only takes a few minutes to make the bed, so start with that each day.


Bathroom counter menace

The moment you’re up from work or getting ready for bed, you head over to your bathroom to freshen up. For sure, your counter is the most likely source of clutter from all that preparation.

If you’re the type of person to own as many products as your counter can fit, you might want to keep it organized. This should save you from all the early morning stress you will have to encounter.


Empty sink, less stink

Dirty Kitchens in the morning are a terrible way to start the day. That said, keep the sink clean by taking care of those pesky dishes left from the night before. Start by loading the dishwasher and have your garbage disposal on standby to get rid of the remnants of last night’s meal.

If you live with others, enforce a rule that the sink must be empty before bed each night. It will definitely save you minutes.


Papers please go away

Junk mail, newspapers, and notes on the fridge should be organized before they turn into clutter. Make sure each sheet is where it needs to be and not just carelessly tossed into a bin.


One spot, one skill

Remember, you don’t have to overwhelm yourself with all of these at once. Take it slow.

Focus on each spot mentioned on this list by scheduling each one. If a particular spot is giving you too much trouble, set it as a priority of the week. 


Here’s another pro-tip: Give your clutter-free home the sparkle it needs. Contact Eazy Breezy today to learn how!