Easy Breezy Cleaning Company started when two enterprising women (one who oversees and one who manages the operations) set out to turn the house cleaning industry upside down in Frisco by building a top-notch house cleaning business.

When we first started, we spent hours on extensive research in the Frisco, Tx and surrounding areas to see what we were up against. Our focus was to see how the customer service was and how we could make it even better. 

We called around (as many of our customers call us) and were surprised that many, if not most did not answer their phones!  We realized that not everyone is open to a fully automated booking system and would be more comfortable talking to a live person.

Since then, Easy Breezy has provided accessible, accountable, affordable, amicable and authentic services. We want to be known for our customer service coupled with our 100% satisfaction guarantee assurance.

Heck, it was 2018 and not 2058! We knew we wanted to be different. We wanted to connect with our customers and make it comfortable for them to call us on the phone. We wanted to be reachable and connectable in the fastest growing city in the US. We saw a void and wanted to fill it. Notes in our journal started: Always have a live-person to take/return calls. 



When we took over, our desire to be a tech-savvy company came true. We used the latest and up to date technology available in the cleaning industry to provide great cleaning service to clients via their cleaning techs.

We agreed to carefully analyze every client’s needs and match them with the right tech. We became one of the first companies in this area to offer online booking with an ability to see the price for their cleaning online.

On that note, we wanted to give our clients the peace of mind they need to live comfortably. We wanted to always remember that the customer comes first, and to match our technicians with the right clients and vice-versa.

In addition, customers will never have to worry about missing their appointment when we text reminders of their upcoming booking. We send out email reminders before their booking and contact them via call and email after their cleaning to get feedback. 

But the customer always comes first. Even though we use a modernized system we still believe that connecting with the customer is the key. 


When we opened our house cleaning service in Frisco., we realized we were in the fastest growing city in the US with the best schools and best place to raise a family in the US. 

This would mean an influx of new families who were very busy, tech-savvy and confident about online usage. So, we added the Book Online Under 60 seconds component to it. Customers would be able to completely book online and not have to talk to anyone if they did not want to. 

If someone was not ready to book, they could go to our website and get all the info before making that decision. All the info would be well thought out with FAQs that answered every angle possible. We would have gift cards available for house cleaning for busy families. 

We would have all our services and prices clearly published on our website. There would be no scope for confusion or lack of transparency. If this occurs, we would be there to clear confusion, garner confidence, and have a budget cleaning option.

We were not going to be all about profit. We would give back to the community. We’ve given away more free cleanings than any company we know in our industry and even given free cleanings to chemo patients, first responders, teachers, and families in peril. 

We decided to be respectful of our competition and never play dirty. We’re proud to uphold that commitment to this day and have in fact made friends with our colleagues and passed on overflow to each other. 

Two years have gone by and we’re still operating with the same ideology. We are not deterred from the fact that all customers aren’t the same and believe that everyone needs a shot at being understood.

Our customers have different ideas and needs and it is our duty to make sure that they are getting the ideal tech who lines up with their needs.  We still answer every single phone call during hours of operation and discuss the clients needs in great detail to ensure that we’re not here for a one-time cleaning. We are here to build a relationship.

We are friendly and authentic. We always want to help the customer get the best cleaning experience they can.


We are proud to be a woman owned and led company. We’re proud to be insane dog lovers, and are confident enough to proclaim our concern for usage of chemicals for house cleaning. 

We have poured ourselves into research and finally concluded that using green products is the way to go. Hence the birth of a green cleaning company. 

We offer a free ebook on green cleaning on our website. The health of the clients and pets take priority over everything else. 

We’ve concluded that we should offer customers very clear and honest information and only send techs to homes that are reliable and dependable. Techs who we would have in our own homes. 

We are never tired of answering customer questions;  Are you insured and bonded? Are you local? Do you avoid bleach? Are your techs honest? Can we be out of the house when we clean?

Our answer to every single one of those questions is yes. If another service you are comparing cannot answer yes to any of those questions, then take caution when booking them. 

Sure, it’s easy to get an online booking these days and maybe the price seems too good to be true. But a more personal touch might be what your home needs when it comes to hiring a cleaning company, especially one in close contact.

Easy Breezy Cleaning Co is certainly that personal cleaning company for you and your home!