This is a problem that is the bane of almost every family. Children or adults, young or old it matters not, smelly sneakers is an unpleasant experience. Some families include deodorizing sneakers a part of house cleaning.

While some common house cleaning products have legions of followers that swear by their efficacy, more often than not, it is a pure urban legend. Caution is called for because most house cleaning products are not recommended for deodorizing sneakers.

Here are some common ways of cleaning smelly sneakers.

Get rid of bacteria

The common cause for smelly sneakers is bacteria. This is not determined by house cleaning frequency or techniques, but it is a function of the body chemistry of the person owning the sneakers.

Some feet sweat more than others and contain more malodorous bacteria. In this sense,  controlling bacteria is a key part of controlling the smell. While house cleaning products kill bacteria, they may not eliminate these types of bacteria.

However, one should also be concerned that a powerful house cleaning product used in sneakers may kill bacteria but at the same time cause severe negative skin reactions.

Avoid too much moisture

Moisture is a major culprit in malodorous bacteria. They thrive in moist environments. Drying shoes after use can mitigate the severity of the odor. However, as all families can attest, ensuring everyone does this in a family is at best a herculean task!

Several natural methods that do not use house cleaning products are reputed to work. While many swear by them, they still have detractors who opt for alternative solutions.

Baking soda is a common household commodity. There is evidence that this works as evidenced by the plethora of products that include baking soda as an additive to control odor.

Another commonly found household item is laundry softener and conditioner sheets. The sheets are reputed to wick away moisture and deodorize the sneakers. These sheets are gentle on the skin and the chances of them causing a severe reaction compared to household cleaners are small. Still, it’s important to proceed with caution in using them.

Use steam power

Steaming is a powerful natural deodorizing technique. While it might be cumbersome, the high-temperature steam will kill bacteria and reduce odor. If a steamer is not handy, one could use a steam cycle in a dryer. Place the shoes in a pillowcase and place in the washer or dryer and run the steam cycle. On completion, remove the shoes and dry them.

While you can use the drying cycle to achieve this, some sneakers are not meant to be steamed and tumbled dry. In such cases, sun drying may be an option.

There are odor control soles and other products available on the market. They work to various extents but the cost of these techniques do add up. Easy Breezy Cleaning Company wishes you the best of luck in banishing smelly sneakers from your home. Alas, we can make your home sparkle but leave the sneakers for you to deal with!

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