The last things you would want to see are spots or streaks in your lighting.

Your lights are what keep the darkness at bay, but when they’re unclean or foggy, you’re better off with them turned, well, off.

So let there be light! Here are a few ways you can give your lighting the cleaning it needs.

Hanging Lights

When you doubt what’s below your feet, look to the skies. Or at the very least check your hanging lights because they’ve probably been up there with no care or maintenance for goodness-knows-when.

So, break out those long-reaching feather dusters or something else that could help you clean them more thoroughly. Then, use a damp cloth and clean it from the inside and out.

As an added bonus, make sure you clean out the chains that bind these lights to your ceiling or wherever they’re hanging in your household. Chains tend to gather dust which travels down towards the bulbs.

Light Fabric

Cleaning out a bulb covered in fabric such as a lampshade is really easy.

Wiping the dust off is definitely a good start. Use a dry cloth to remove most of the dust. If you have something called a lint roller, it would be recommended if you use that so that any dust you clean off doesn’t fall off to the floor.

If all else fails, bring out the vacuum cleaner but be very careful. You don’t want to tear apart or ruin that lovely fabric covering your light fixture.

Bathroom Lights

What? Do you think you wouldn’t need to clean up your bathroom light fixtures?

Bathroom lights can be tricky to clean up. Steam from the shower and daily use cause dust to accumulate faster. That said, start cleaning with the mirror lights first and work your way up to the ceiling.

If you keep it up on a regular basis, you’ll reduce the dust buildup of your bathroom itself significantly. And that’s just by keeping your bathroom lighting fixtures well maintained.

Outdoor Fixtures

Of course, outdoor lighting would be gathering dust the quickest. Considering that the outdoors tend to get all dusty, it usually takes only days for a light fixture outside to get dustier.

It’s not just dust you have to deal with either. Outdoor lamps accumulate dead insects and their messes. You can bring out a broom or a blower to clean hard to reach places. This will get rid of the majority of the mess before washing the glass lights afterward.

Your lights are some of the most important ornaments you’ve got hanging around your house. So, keep them maintained and cleaned on a daily basis if you don’t want the darkness to come creeping in.

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