Moving out of your home soon? Maybe you’re having a hard time 

  1. Check The Fridge

The fridge over at your new home isn’t guaranteed to be clean. So it’s best that you clean it out as best you can. Make sure you clean and defrost the freezer, too, especially if you need to store massive amounts of food.

  1. Check The Kitchen

Of course, the fridge is going to be stationed right where your kitchen is (unless you’ve moved it) so the next step is to clean out the Kitchen. Start by cleaning the grease out of the oven, the grills, the fryers, scrub the ash out of your appliances. and make sure your cabinets are clean of dust if you plan to store your dishes.

  1. Check The Bathrooms

Your next target should be the place where you cleanse yourself. It’s integral that you keep it as germ-free as possible with disinfectants. Also, make sure you have some Lysol or something similar for your toilet bowl for…obvious reasons.

  1. Check Above

No, you’re not checking up your house…well, kind of. You’re checking your house’s upper fixtures, the ceiling fans, the lights, shelves, wall-mounted bookcases, all of your houses fixtures that are too high for you to reach. Make sure all of these get a proper scrub down before you
place certain items on them.

  1. Check Below

As above, so below…by that, we mean focusing on the lower levels as well. The floors, mainly. Finish it up by mopping, vacuuming, and scrubbing the floors and you’ll have a polished groundwork in no time.

Still not sure if your place is the cleanest it can be? Why not call us at Easy Breezy Cleaning Co. so you can move in peacefully and without the unnecessary hassle!

Till next time!