Cleaning tips are what you need this holiday season. The holiday season brought plenty of family and friends together. But this gathering also means a lot of cleaning for the hosts after the guests have gone home. Start your new year fresh with this easy-breezy holiday cleaning tips! 




It is really crazy how much food that we have been able to squeeze on the holidays well into the refrigerator! It is time to do the cleaning and make sure that you’re missing nothing in the back. 

Draw away any old or expired food and plan a meal to use the remaining food that is still good. It’s a great way to get back to your Christmas budget and help reduce waste.




After the holidays your oven should be cleaned thoroughly.  

Take a natural way to clean your oven to the common household items. Use this oven cleaning hack: Put a pan of water in the oven and pump it for at least 15 minutes to 225 degrees Fahrenheit. When done, add some soap in your water bowl and a nylon pad or wool pad to clean the loosened-up muck as well as the whole inside of the oven.




Before you start, make sure the bottom does not contain large chunks of leftover food. If so, simply remove it in the garbage can with a paper towel. In a plastic container, place one cup of vinegar in the top rack. The vinegar loses all these pieces of food on the sides once again. Set the laundry to the highest heat point on the longest loop. When the dishwasher has been completed with the first cycle, remove it and empty it out. 


Add a cup of baking soda in that same cup, and sprinkle it over the bottom rack. Set it to run a shorter cycle on medium heat. You can use wet wipes or any hand sanitizer to clean the exterior of your dishwasher, getting rid of splattered food and fingermarks. Once the last cycle is done, you will see how incredibly spotless it looks inside. 




Try to keep up with the quick holiday cleaning of the toilet, they sure needed a good scrub afterward.  Spend extra time on things like shower curtains and flooring that you haven’t had the opportunity to clean up during the busy Christmas season. 


These are some useful tips to get back on track after the stressful holiday season. You’ll be ready to clean out the post-holiday mess and have an even cleaner home! Got no time to clean your house yourself? Call EasyBreezy now! You can call us at (469) 202-8822 or book here.