Easy Breezy Cleaning is never surprised by such finds cookies that disappear in couch. Easy Breezy Cleaning is professional in finding such.




All of us have experienced the infamous cookie behind the couch. It is usually discovered when redecorating, moving furniture looking for the remote or other such activity. Oftentimes much to our embarrassment, it happens when a critical relative who has no kids visits. Ouch, but as we have experienced, they do tend to create fond memories.

An unguarded cookie jar with homemade goodies, fondly baked by mom (usually) is a prime target for the little bandits. No matter how eagle like your eyes are, the cookie disappears. If you appoint your spouse in guard duties, he will definitely keep a sharp lookout but his motives may be quite different from yours. He wants to make sure he gets his share of the pilfered goodies and together they may work hand in hand to thwart you. The only options you have are to not bake cookies (impossible) or allow a modest amount of pilfering with periodic questioning to ensure only modest amounts disappear without your say so!


Easy Breezy Cleaning is never surprised by such finds. Our house cleaning technicians expect such finds and they are bemused because they too have children and disappearing cookies. The unanswered question is always – “how did it get behind the couch”?? My experience tells me kids do not waste time eating them. They gobble them with only crumbs as evidence. Turn your gaze to your spouse. In a hurry to conceal evidence when you appear on the horizon, they get conveniently dropped behind the couch but unfortunately forgotten waiting to be discovered. Don’t hold your breath for a verbal confession but an expanding waistline is a giveaway. But it’s your fault – you are a great baker! Look at it as a compliment.

Take the hassle out of your busy life. Use our cleaning service, and we promise we won’t tell. Our cleaning services are designed to ensure your house is sparkling. Give yourself a break, call now so that you do not have to worry about house cleaning.

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