During hard times, it’s still important to keep your home organized and clean. 

Crises can happen unexpectedly, but you should be able to prepare for them no matter what. So, apart from stocking emergency supplies and keeping track of the news, you might still want to keep your home in tip-top shape, especially after a crisis passes. 

With the current CoViD-19 situation, homeowners can take this time to follow these home cleaning tips:


Practice healthy hygienic habits

While the main focus is on keeping your house clean, it is also important to keep yourself clean as well.

Remember to observe proper hygiene such as washing your hands constantly and changing clothes that have been worn for too long. Additionally, remember to launder clothing separately to prevent the spread of germs.

During a crisis, it’s important not to contaminate your home with unclean hands. Take care of yourself while you take care of your home. 


Clean safely with protective gear

When keeping your home clean during a crisis, you could get exposed to germs, bacteria, and other pathogens that linger around the house. 

In this sense, make sure to wear masks and gloves, especially in areas that are not cleaned frequently. Also, when using cleaning products, remember to read labels and instructions on how to safely use them. This will prevent you from unnecessary spills and exposure to harmful chemicals that can endanger the health of your family members.


Have efficient cleaning tools

You can’t keep your home clean by blowing away dusty areas and wiping off grie. You’ll need tools that can give your home a more thorough cleaning. 

For this, you can use microfiber cloths and vacuum cleaners that are meant to eliminate debris and give certain areas of the house a more thorough clean up. These can be bought online, but make sure to purchase these items from legitimate sellers. 


Disinfect after all is done

Keeping the dirt, dust, and grime out of your house isn’t enough.

You still need to follow through by disinfecting the areas you swept or wiped. Aside from commercial disinfectants, you can also make your own disinfectants by mixing bleach with water. You can use this solution on surfaces and items to really get rid of pathogens. 


In the most difficult times, it’s still best to get help from a professional cleaning company. For that, Easy Breezy has you covered. Contact us today!