The holiday season is stressful.  When family comes to visit the stress levels can skyrocket.

The following tips help in ensuring a smooth visit that is enjoyed by all

Start at the same point

speak to everyone and understand what all family members would like to do during the time together.  While you cannot please everyone, understanding allows you to plan a fun time for all. For example. If many in the group want to go to the mall and some want to watch a game on TV – by all means plan a mall visit with the game crowd at home watching TV.

Plan a common event for the whole family

assume this is your prerogative and plan a group activity such as miniature golf or laser tag.  If you plan on hosting and paying for the activity then let everyone know. However, if you want everyone to chip in, let them know how much in advance.  If someone is struggling financially, discretely let them know it is a gift from you.

Cooking and cleaning

while you may have to make some items in advance, nothing like asking everyone to pitch in.  Those who cannot cook can help with cleaning. Or make it a fun cooking competition with each spouse with a different partner coming up with a dish.

Hosting graciously

if anyone in the group does not get in the spirit of what you plan, be gracious and let your class come through without any recriminations. That is your Christmas gift to yourself!

Enjoy the warmth of your family and friends and pour yourself a nice hot chocolate with marshmallows and sit in front of the fireplace. It will be a magical holly, jolly Christmas!

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