Home clutter does not happen overnight. Over a period of time, clutter builds up till one day the boiling point is reached. It gets even complicated when you cannot find your glasses.

It does not mean we are slobs, things happen – busy schedules, kid’s activities and day to day living leave little time to keep the home clutter-free. Eventually, my friend’s teenage son came up with a brilliant (in his mind only) plan – shove everything into the closet and hope his mother does not open it. We wish it was that simple, but a few simple small steps can make a difference.

Guide to Finding Your Stuff

Here are a few simple steps. (You may want to consider hiring a house cleaning service to help. Cleaning services are professional, but decluttering your house is (in most instances) is not a part of the cleaning service).

Mental picture – first look at your home critically and mentally note what you would like to change

Decide on small uncluttered goals – be persistent. Set small goals and keep at it.

Containers for stuff – boxes for toys, utensils, paper, glasses – you get the picture

Involve the family – children included. Make a game of it with rewards for the kids (heck even adults too!)

Photo document everything – nothing like before and after pictures

Family bonfire – burn small things (please be aware of fire risk and comply with city and other codes). Might as well use the fire to make s’mores. Yummy!

Reward yourself for missions accomplished

Getting a home neat and clean by yourself is a task that requires a commitment to continue keeping up the cleaning habit. If not over a few weeks, the house will return to its cluttered state. Professional cleaning services definitely help in this task. Do consider it if you want to find items other than your glasses.

More in the next blog. Ciao.

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