Microfiber furniture is the comforting new upholstery that has found its way to modern households.
However, they still get messy and are still most certainly susceptible to stains, dust, and all kinds of messes that are difficult to deal with.
That said, you might want to clean microfiber furniture regularly using the right approaches. For this, you’ll need the following:
  • Rubbing Alcohol and vinegar
  • A spray bottle
  • Washcloths
  • Scrubbing brushes
Once you have everything you need to clean microfiber furniture, you proceed by applying the following steps:

Spray affected areas

Pour an alcohol or vinegar solution into the spray bottle and simply spray the dirty portions of your microfiber furniture.
Make sure to cover one area at a time and not spray it all over in an effort to cover more ground. Tip: Start with high contact areas such as the armrests of a couch, for instance.

Thoroughly brush soiled areas

After spraying the affected areas of your microfiber furniture, go over the same areas with a scrubbing brush.
Scrub in a circular motion to loosen up as much dirt, dust, or grime. Make sure to scrub gently as you wouldn’t want to damage the microfiber surface itself.

Wipe down with washcloths

Finally, once you’re done scrubbing, simply take your washcloths and thoroughly wipe down your furniture.
Gently rub over the areas you’ve sprayed and scrubbed. It should pick up any remaining debris or messes on the surface.
Repeat this process several times and your microfiber furniture should be fresh and new once again!
Additionally, you can also hire a reliable cleaning service for a more thorough outcome for your living room. Easy Breezy is the one you need! Contact us today!