Easy Breezy Cleaning Co is proud of being the premier green cleaning company in Frisco, Tx, and surrounding areas. We’re always looking for ways to innovate and become more efficient. Do you have any suggestions or creative ideas on what we can do to provide an even better cleaning service? If so, please reach out to us, we’d love to hear your ideas!
If you want to clean your own home and that too without the use of harsh chemicals, try these steps for a greenhouse cleaning experience.
  1. Ditch the paper towels and instead choose washable towels. Microfiber towels are the best option. Get rid of other disposables such as Clorox wipes, Swiffer pads, disposable duster heads, etc. Purchase ostrich feather duster instead.

Make your own cleaning supplies!

They are easy to make, use and also gentle on our health and that of our pets
There are 4 main problems with buying and using the harsh chemicals for house cleaning.
  1. All cleaning chemicals are mostly water. It is no point, buying and using these when the tap water in Frisco, Tx or McKinney, Tx, and surrounding areas would work just fine.
  2. Store-bought chemicals are very hard on you and your pets’ health. Bleach products leave your hands rough and peeling. It can cause a burning sensation in the eyes and throat due to the fumes.
  3. Expense! In addition to being hard on your health, the store-bought chemicals are very pricey compared to DYI green cleaning products used for house cleaning.
  4. Too many products! The advertisers have us believing that we need a product for every action. Not true. Making your own green cleaning products is the way to go for you can get away with just FOUR products.
So, how to make greenhouse cleaning products at home? Let us start with what we call the FAB FOUR!! Click here to download our PDF guide to make these at home.
Hope you have a great green cleaning experience with your DYI products. And if it’s all just a little too much AND you live in Frisco, Tx or surrounding areas click here to get a quote! We’d love to keep your home sparkling using our natural cleaning products and green cleaning techniques.