Three points to look for in a Frisco Maid Service:

1. Are they well-reputed?

Online reviews have pretty much become the go-to field to see what people are saying about the company’s professionalism, customer care, and work ethic. You can pretty much get a complete picture when you read verified online reviews from sites such as Google. 

When choosing a cleaning company most of us want to be sure that we are hiring a cleaning service that is fast, friendly, flexible, and reliable and who we know will consistently do a great job based on experiences of customers who have used them.

The reviews should be mostly positive. If they are bad reviews is it because the client was asking for a service that the company doesn’t provide or is it because the home was not cleaned well?

Another important aspect is judging how the business deals with negative reviews?


2. Are their products and practices green?

With our health and that of our pets and environment, many of us look to green cleaning companies to provide a non-toxic environment for us in our homes. Does the company use mostly biodegradable cleaning products?

Do they reduce the amount of waste by using microfiber towels
Do they use feather dusters instead of throwing away one-time dusters?
Do they use fresh cleaning cloths over paper towels?


3. Are they easy to communicate with?

Did you have to jump through hoops to finally get a call back from a cleaning company? Then I suggest finding a company that has multiple ways of communicating.

Phone number published on the website, email, chatbot, Facebook messenger, Nextdoor messenger, and or texting.
A good company would return your call within hours not days. A great company will have an online booking as well.

Protect your most valuable asset ( your health) by choosing a green company that is reliable, transparent, and trustworthy. One with a great social media presence e.g. Pinterest and a lot of 5-star reviews. One that would treat you the way they would like to treated: With dignity. 


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