Kids can be hard to manage, especially when you’re trying to keep your home as tidy as possible. It’s only a matter of using the right approaches.


Our Kids

Kids are blessed and God bless our little tykes. They make the world infinitely better! Who among us has not heard the words “Mom do I have to clean my room?” I bet not many. The pushback is to be expected and will come as surely as a compass points north. How do we respond so that we inculcate housekeeping or house cleaning habits that will help them as they transition to adulthood?


Kids is the Boss

Because I said so. Been there done that in moments of exasperation. Compliance is usually grudging with many crab-like movements to find chinks in your armor. Your spouse may be a benign sort and you may find your precocious little one, nuzzling up to your spouse and getting permission to wriggle out of the chore. A little-coordinated vigilance can overcome the problem and ensure your housekeeping chores get done…


Kids at Work

May work but you are ceding your authority and kids will fill the authority vacuum faster than a speeding comet. Pleading with firmness may be the answer.


Kids Laugh

Showing them the leftover long-forgotten sandwich with the story that the Ravens from the next county may come for a feast may be a gentle and kinder way to get them moving on the chore. Their participation will make you feel less like a maid service.


A little reward (candy comes to mind but be careful because you may need to find time to visit the dentist) usually goes a long way.


Create a game to make house cleaning fun. I will not be wrong if I said, for most people housekeeping is not fun, but necessary to keep a semblance of order in their lives.

Combination of all of the above

There is no right or wrong method. You have to tailor your approach depending on your kids’ personality. Don’t worry, keep all these memories and someday share them with grandkids. Good luck.

A much easier path would be to hire a regular house cleaning service. Cleaning services such as ours will make your house look great in no time at all. Hire us, and spend housekeeping time saved on other leisure activity.

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