Many people love to procrastinate. When it comes to home cleaning, procrastination seems to rule the roost. many people wait till they absolutely have to do it. They are content with unswept floors, dirty dishes stacked up and dirty laundry is forgotten like a mountain of rags. The mind says – plenty of time to do it. Let’s watch the game/go shopping/play with the dog/visit friends etc. (take your pick) instead. But alas, the time comes when you can ignore it no longer – a catalyst like an angry spouse, visiting guests, inability to find anything usually a part and parcel of this routine.


What to do


When the holiday season is in full swing, ignoring this task is usually not an option. Hence down goes the remote, off goes the internet, off goes ballgame, off goes the trip to the watering hole. You should replace them with cleaning products, dust cloths, and vacuum cleaner. Ouch – the holiday season was supposed to be fun – food, drinks, and ball games.


Several of our friends have solved this problem by gifting their spouses a home cleaning gift card. The stress is off and Easy Breezy Cleaning comes to the rescue while you put your feet up and watch a game.


Who Should Do It?


This scenario has played out many times and the result is a sparkling clean home, content spouse and enjoyment of the season. It is a “to do”. People who have done this several times, know that companies like Easy Breezy tend to have their schedules full during the season and call early and make sure they are slotted in. Wise and smart. Have an Easy Breezy day.

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