Spring cleaning is that time of the year when you spruce up your home.

But a lot of people who fear this kind of cleaning usually suffer from allergies. If you happen to be one of them, then spring cleaning can mean a lot more work than simply dusting off your old living room. 

But cleaning your home this season won’t be too much of a hassle if you follow a plan. Here are some tips for cleaning your home this Spring:

Assign one day for cleaning

Spring cleaning doesn’t have to take place for the entire season.

Set aside a single day for your spring cleaning, and spend that entire day on cleaning your entire home to prepare for the upcoming pollen season. Have it on a day where you aren’t bogged down by other chores you have yet to complete.

Additionally, take the time to declutter and organize items in your home before you get started.


Prepare what you need

Spring cleaning requires a lot of preparation if you want your home to be fresh for the upcoming season. 

You’ll need an abundant supply of various cleaning supplies such as HEPA vacuums, steam cleaners, and spring cleaning products. 

If you also suffer from allergies this time of the year, you’ll also need some protective gear like masks or gloves to keep yourself from breathing in the pollen. You don’t want to catch those sniffles too early!


Go room by room

When cleaning your home for Spring, you’ll have to go through each room thoroughly if you want it fresh for the months to come.

For instance, the kitchen and bathroom are two primary rooms that can be filled to the brim with dust and pollen which can accumulate over time. That said, wipe down those countertops, cabinets with their handles, and make sure to clean appliances like your fridge. You’ll have a fresh and clean home for spring in no time!


Spring cleaning is something you simply cannot avoid this year. But if you have too much on your plate already, you might as well use the right methods to make sure you get the most out of it…

Or you can take a more practical route by contacting Easy Breezy Cleaning Company today!