While having your house cleaned, the tiniest spec of dust could send you into a sneezing fit. You could hardly be able to get anything done when your allergies sets in. 


That said, here are a few ways to help you clean your home without the risk of an allergic reaction:

Wear a mask

Dust and germs can’t get into your sinuses if they’re well-guarded. 

A face mask can help keep dust, pollen, and all other tiny specs away from your nose. You can always wear a fashionable one to look good while cleaning as well if you’re not used to it!


Install a Hepa filter when you vacuumm

If you vacuum regularly, make sure the equipment has a HEPA or a High-Efficiency Particulate Air filter installed.

A HEPA filter traps dust and dirt. Not only does it help you clear your floor of tiny specs but it also keeps those pesky allergens out of your system.

Some vacuums may already have a HEPA filter installed that serves the same purpose. Otherwise, you might as well consider installing one.


Stay away from scented cleaners

If certain cleaners or detergents turn you red, then it’s probably best you part ways with it before it damages your health.

Instead, try looking for products that are less heavy on the fragrance or don’t have any at all. Your house doesn’t always have to smell like a flowerbed if it will only keep you sneezing until kingdom come.


Washing sheets: keep it hot

When washing sheets, wash it down with water that’s hot enough to kill allergens. That way you, and your sinuses can rest easy tonight once they’re fresh, dry, and clean again for you to sleep in.


Wet cloths, damp mops

When wiping down counters or mopping up floors, it’s always best to use wet rags and damp mops to get the job done. This would help keep allergens from roaming freely and instead keeps them in like fish in a net.

Don’t get yourself sick. Clean the house while you keep your health in good condition.


Don’t have the time for that? Contact Easy Breezy today and we’ll help you get started to a cleaner and healthier home.