You have just returned home from a hard day’s work and are watching TV, Your eye wanders to the layer of dust on the TV stand, Your will says ” get up and wipe it down” but your body says ” I can’t move a muscle”.  You yell into Google Home. You say ” find the best Frisco Housecleaning Services near me ” 
Google spits out a list of 11 Frisco housecleaning service companies 
You neither have the time nor the energy to call and talk to all these companies. So how do you go about finding a that company that is perfect for you?  Here are a few steps:
1. Are they local?  
With DFW being the fastest growing real estate market in the US, it is not surprising that many non local companies decide to set up shop. Competitive they might be, but there is a comfort and convenience to shop local. Is the company based out of Frisco Tx? Are they able to get to your home within 20 to 30 minutes? Are they on your local geomap
2. Check their social media presence
Most legit and legally operating companies rely heavily on social media for their online presence.  Check their Facebook Business Listing and their Yelp Listing
2. Are they insured and bonded? 
You might be inundated with referrals for cleaning individuals who offer their cleaning services. Commercial insurance and bond is given only to legit and legally operating companies. There are legit and legally operating housecleaning services that are insured and bonded.If accidents do happens, and your cleaner is not insured or bonded, what do you do?
3  Accountabilty
If cleaner accountability is important to you, Ask questions. If you are a no-show, how do I reach you?  Is there more than one way to reach you?  Who are you and how do I know that you have a clean background? What kind of quality guarantees do you have?  Is there a phone number that I could reach by call or text?
 Ease of Booking
While many companies are hard to get hold of during the busiest time of your day when you yourself are at work, there are companies that are set up to work while everyone else has gone home. Legit companies  have their website set up to See Price and Book OnlineThey have very transparent method of booking and all the Services and Terms and Conditions are listed on their website.
5. Reviews
Last but not least check their reviews for quality and customer service. How is their Google rating? Do they have mostly 5 star reviews? Do they have before and after pictures? Did the company bother to respond and thank/address the comments? Do they have any reviews on Nextdoor and Yelp?  How about Instagram?

To find a Frisco Housecleaning Services Co  that has updated itself to compete in the digital world shows competence and dedication to the customer’s fast paced life in the current world. Easy Breezy Cleaning Co, a Frisco housecleaning services company iis on the forefront of customer care. Book online or call/text us to get an estimate.