According to the pricing study done by an Easy Breezy Cleaning Co., a greenhouse cleaning company in Frisco, Tx, the average cost of house cleaning in this area is around $158. But the typical range in Frisco, Tx and surrounding areas is between $129 to $228. Pricing, of course, varies from geographical location to the size of your home. Other factors that come into play are the number of pets, frequency of visits, and dirt level.
Your costs will also be based on whether you hire a company that is bonded and insured or an individual who might or might not be. When you are comparison-shopping for the best house cleaning in Frisco, Tx, you might notice that the pricing might swing widely from one end of the pendulum ( $355 to $ 90 per visit) to the other. Fully insured and bonded house cleaning companies might charge anywhere between $35 and $45  an hour and independent cleaners might charge $ 15 to $ 22 an hour. The average biweekly cleaning cost for a 2000 square-foot home would run you anywhere from $ 123 to $149 every two weeks.
As the house size grows, the cost goes up: 2500, a square-at home will typically cost anywhere from $135 to $159 twice a month. The prices above are for maintenance aka recurring services. Most companies will charge extra for first-time, Move-in, Move-out, and Make Ready for Market cleanings. Cleaning windows, Refrigerator Cleaning and Oven Cleaning are extra.

Independent house cleaners

An independent house cleaner might or might not be registered, insured, and bonded. They are able to provide services such as mopping, vacuuming, sweeping, cleaning windows, and kitchen cleaning. But if you need specialized services, you might look elsewhere.

Family-owned cleaning companies

A service in between individual help and hiring a franchise would be a small, locally-owned cleaning business. Most of the companies in this category are insured and bonded. They have a website you can visit and check out their scope of services. These companies offer deep cleaning, Make Ready for Market cleaning, budget cleaning. They specialize in kitchen cleaning and sanitizing bathrooms etc.  

Large cleaning companies

These are franchise owners of large national chains. If you are looking for a large company that might offer interior and exterior cleaning in addition to the high ceiling and hard to reach cleaning, these might be your best bet. They might offer other cleaning services as well. Definitely insured and bonded.

Prices based on experience

.An independent house cleaner who is starting off will be very low in price as they are starting off their business and are soliciting referrals. You might get one starting at $60 per visit at first while they are gaining experience.  When a company is endorsed by hundreds of honest, public reviews, their experience and referrals for quality comes with an additional but worthwhile increase in cost. Typically, it is worthwhile to hire a family-owned house cleaning company. They are also known as locally owned small house cleaning companies. They will do a superb job cleaning and are very professional to work with. House cleaning prices will be right around $45 an hour with discounts for ongoing services.

The size of your home is?

One of the major factors that determine the price of the cleaning will be the size. When you call for a quote, ensure that you have all the info on hand to receive a fair quote estimate. Square footage, number of baths, bedrooms, dirt level.
A good guide to the cost of house cleaning in Frisco, Tx and surrounding areas is $0.15 to $0.18 per sq ft as a starting point for first time cleaning fees. Recurring cleanings can cost an average of $0.7 to $0.10 cents for biweekly cleaning Bigger homes take longer to clean for they take longer to clean. For specialized cleanings, you may have to call for a quote. One way to save on the cost of house cleaning is to do customized cleaning. Ask for some areas to be left out for a reduction in cost. Make sure that your quote estimate reflects this.

Frequency of visits? 

It is most cost-effective to hire a housekeeper or cleaning company for a recurring service. Because you offer consistency in the schedule, most companies are willing to offer great discounts after the initial cleaning prices which can run up to $300  and upwards for the first visit.

Finally, there is no one size fits all cost analysis for house cleaning. Rates vary across the country and city. Many factors come to play into the pricing strategy. If you would like a fair estimate, call for a quote from a locally owned greenhouse cleaning company. Hope this info helps and good luck!