With all the littles at home these days, it is only fair to expect a few Picassos going to work on the walls. These artwork are precious and do not forget to take a picture to document these moments in life which you will find hilarious once they are grown and gone.

There are many books written on how to raise a child and not one of them mentions the crayon on the wall stage of development. This is why we are here to help you. Although one of these hints will take care of the problem, it is better to be armed with options. Here are five hints on removing crayon wax from the walls. Use one or many of the hints to tackle stubborn crayon markings on the walls. Read on to learn more!

1. Hair Dryer



The waxy properties in crayons make it really hard to remove by simple wiping. It seems to be stubborn no matter how much you try. A simple blow dryer will come to your rescue in this case. Heat a small section of the masterpiece artwork and point the blow drier to it. You should notice that the crayon is “melting” and puts on a glaze. Once melted rub some diluted dishwashing liquid and watch the crayon marks disappear!  

As you work the dishwashing liquid into the wax, make sure you turn the towel inside out several times to avoid spreading the wax. 

2. Baking Soda


Make a thick paste of the baking soda and water and apply it to the crayon marks. Let is rest for about 5 minutes, making sure that the paste is not drying. Rub and wipe off with a soft cloth. Repeat one more time. 


3. WD 40 or similar

WD 40 is one of the products found in all repair tech’s toolbox regardless of the industry. The materials that make up this product’s strong capabilities to tackle hard greasy jobs make it possible to work on grease and wax-like that in crayons. The product cuts down caked-on wax and grease build-up and dissolves it given time. However, this product is petroleum-based and will leave a greasy residue that can be solved with immediate soap and water wash. Sometimes it is virtually impossible to get rid of crayons with just one method. In which case it is suggested that multiple steps be used e.g. heat, baking soda, WD 40 followed by soap and water.

4. Cleaning Erasers

Cleaning erasers are a go-to product for all cleaning companies. Their sturdiness and ease of use make it a popular item. If you go to the store to find cleaning erasers, you might find a couple of brands but in our opinion, cleaning erasers are easy to DYI and cleaning erasers remove crayon from the wall.  

5. Goof-Off or similar product

Goof off, Goo Gone are all products developed to remove glue residue and other sticky substances from surfaces. They dissolve crayons and work very well too. But, this leaves a residue on the walls as well and the action has to be followed by soap and hot water rub-down of the affected area. As with anything, you should always test a small surface area before attempting a large one.


Should you run into trouble, contact Easy Breezy Cleaning Co for a house cleaning quote in Frisco, TX. Happy Cleaning!