When it comes to handling children at home, there’s just no guarantee that it will remain as
clean as it was for long.It makes house cleaning seem like a never-ending chore. No matter how much you think your
home is going to stay clean, you will always find yourself in a rut. Many families find themselves at their wits’ end and feeling stressed with no idea how to keep
their homes clean with their kids running around causing all sorts of chaos! But it’s not to say it’s an unsolvable challenge to handle.
Cleaning after clutter and handling other chores as your kids run around are far different now compared to then.

Times have certainly changed, and that means you have to adapt to what’s already there.

It’s actually really simple

Kids may not have a tendency to like chores exactly, nor do they tend to cooperate when it
comes to being told to clean up after their messes. You can’t even expect them to follow rules
all the time!
Then again, a bit of consistency and patience goes a long way in getting them to cooperate. As
a parent, it’s important to show your kids you care enough to teach them very important
household skills. Maintaining such a mindset should help you identify the best approach to get
your kids to start cleaning up.

You can make house cleaning fun!

House cleaning doesn’t have to be a bad thing although kids have the tendency to see it that
way. Fortunately, you can always turn things around by infusing the element of fun to every

For example, while cleaning up the clutter in a room, put on some upbeat music and a basket in
the middle of the area and tell your kids that the one who puts away the most clutter wins.
Not only does this teach them to be organized, it also teaches them the value of sportsmanship.
You are basically hitting two birds with one stone!

Make it a habit-forming activity

Consistency in parenting is one way to ensure that the kids get into the habit forming mode for
all their assigned chores.Whether if it’s picking up toys or arranging books. Kids will kick off their
shoes and let it fly and land on the floor. Book bags tossed randomly. The longer this continues
the more it will get them into a habit.

Creating and setting a priority task can help immensely. You and your kids should be following
this task list as it sets a great example of being a role model if you yourself followed these
cleaning tasks alongside them.

It can include emergencies such as immediately cleaning up after crumbs or spills, or picking up
laundry from the floor. Older kids can be taught how to use a handheld vacuum for such messes
and younger kids can be taught to sweep up the floors.

Habits can be hard to break, make ones that will benefit your home by keeping it clean.

Double down on discipline

Reminding your kids to always pick up after themselves and clean their rooms all goes back to a
capacity for self-discipline.
That said, it’s important to teach your kids to always clean up after themselves and intentionally
keep their areas clean at all times. They’ll always remember that they have to clean up and your
home will definitely benefit from that.

Chunk up larger tasks

Don’t leave your kids with a bunch of cleaning chores at once. It leaves them overwhelmed and
not wanting to comply if you suddenly dumped your entire list of what rooms and areas need
Spread it out thinly. Give them small tasks to do first and then allow it to slowly ramp up as they
get more done each day. Additionally, remind them to take breaks. It’s also important not to rush
them as they get to cleaning.

Emphasize teamwork

Remember, all of you are in this together!
Keeping your home clean is a family affair and teamwork can make any home cleaning activity
feel like a breeze! Assigning chores based on age level can help you save time. Moreover, you
might want to use a chart or app to mark off the completed chores. This should keep your kids
motivated as you pick off one task after another.

Know what gets done

Be specific when telling your kids to “go clean their room” or they’ll never get it done.
Such an order can fall on confused ears, especially for younger kids. Instead, tell them specifics
such as “clean up your room by picking up your toy trucks and putting them in the blue bin.”
Clear-cut instructions such as that can be effective so long as you aren’t harshly ordering them
around. Your kids will be able to comply with no problem.

Putting your foot on the door

If you have a kid that always finds a way out, this would be the right time to take things
seriously. After all, you still need to exercise a certain level of assertiveness in order for things to
get down in the right way.

It’s important, however, to assert yourself appropriately. So, instead of issuing threats, try to be
indirect by saying “Playtime's over, let’s start cleaning up!” This works most of the time, but if
you have a kid who is very adamant, then you might as well initiate the clean up yourself. They
will follow through eventually.

The challenge with cleaning a home with kids around could be too much for you as a parent.
Then again, you need the right amount of patience and discipline yourself in order to get your
kids to cooperate. The payoffs would be great if you get around to it.

If you are cut for time, however, you might as well hire a professional cleaning service to help
you out. That way, you won’t have to overburden yourself with basic chores and kid duties!