The hardwood floor gives a natural and welcoming look to your home. 

These are also durable enough to last for years so long as proper care is observed. That said, it’s important to keep a hardwood floor clean every day if you want it to sparkle.

Here are some tips to get started with:


Use proper cleaning tools

If you want to keep your hardwood floor clean, you’ll need the right tools for the job.

Hardwood floors aren’t delicate, but common cleaning tools won’t do them justice. 

Here are a few examples:

  • Vacuums: Pick a vacuum that can also reach the tiniest spaces on your floor where dirt and dust may have gathered. 
  • Mops: Microfiber mops are the best kind to use on a hardwood floor. They can get in-between small spaces to get rid of particles that a normal mop couldn’t reach.


Implement some house rules 

You can implement a few house rules for yourself and for others if anyone lives with you.

For instance, one way a hardwood floor can get messy is with dirt being tracked in from muddy shoes. Perhaps you could have visitors leave footwear outside or at least off the floor. 

Habits like these can keep hardwood floors clean all throughout.


Tend to messes immediately

Any mess on a hardwood floor can leave a permanent mark if it isn’t cleaned off immediately. 

Spills can leave nasty stains on your hardwood floor. Mopping up those spills as soon as you can protect your floor before the stain settles. 


Be careful when using any floor-cleaner liquids

Not all cleaning fluids can be used on any kind of floor, especially those made from oak or birch. 

Inspect those labels and read the instructions of any product you buy for cleaning your floors. Even water may be harmful to hardwood if used incorrectly. 

Your floor finishers usually give you a recommendation of what cleaners you can and can’t use. So, take these recommendations seriously to better protect your hardwood flooring.

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