The kitchen is like a factory. We stay in it for quite a long time each day preparing our foods, but when it comes to cleaning up we often run away. Easy Breezy House Cleaning Company has a solution to your problem.  In this article, you will find some tips to keep your kitchen clean and organized.



1. Organization: The first magic tip is not on cleaning but on organizing your stuff. When your counters are full of jars, utensils, and appliances, you will find it difficult to work. You can either keep the utensils in drawers or hang them on the wall.

Compartmentalization of forks, knives, spoons and serving pieces in a drawer organizer can save your time. Moreover, keep the containers by size and keep frequently used items on a bottom cabinet shelf for greater ease.

Use upright, stackable airtight containers to store dry foods. You can keep spices handy in labeled stackable jars too.


2. Habits: Keeping the kitchen clean is not only a matter of organization but also habits. One such habit is immediately after having a snack or meal, wash the dishes. After dishwashing, clean the sink properly. The best habit to nurture is to wipe down all the counter after food preparation. You can also have some plants inside to refresh the air. These habits can save you time.


3. Keeping the floor clean: You may not clean the walls of your kitchen but you need to clean the floor every day. Make time to wipe down the interior cabinet shelves. Placing a mat with a non-slip backing in front of your sink, the stove will help you catch spills along with crumbs.


4. Dealing with spills and messes in the countertop: While chopping vegetables or cutting fruits, use a cutting board. This will save you time. It keeps the countertops clean too. If,   case, something spills, and splatters, grab a wipe from the wipes container and clean immediately. Besides, do not use vinegar to clean the marble countertop. The acidic nature of vinegar will do more harm than good in this case.


5. No stinky garbage: Always keep the garbage bin accessible. Garbage bin with a foot pedal is available. Remember, it gets difficult to clean spills up when they are dried and need to be soaked or scraped. To solve this problem when preparing for meals dispose of the vegetable trimmings and peels in a scrap bowl.


6. Clean appliances: Appliances like fridge and microwave are also part of your kitchen. Clean them up from time to time. To keep your microwave clean, always cover the foods. Use lemon and water combo to clean up the microwave. Clean the refrigerator as well. You need to wipe down glass shelves with cold water and tidy the freezer.


An organized kitchen will make your cooking tasks easier and faster to accomplish. These are all small and simple steps to tackle the mess. You can keep paper towels, kitchen scrubber, dish soap, and hand soap and other cleaning tools handy in the kitchen. It will make your cleaning less stressful. By following these steps, you can keep your kitchen clean and tidy and feel satisfied. For any kind of cleaning problem, Frisco House Cleaning Services like  Easy Breezy House Cleaning Company is always there to help you out.