Real estate professionals associated with Easy Breezy Cleaning Co. of Frisco, Tx, tell us that summer is a wonderful time for a change. Planning to put your home on the market? Contacted your Realtor or about to? Either way, a house well presented is the one that goes under contract first, sometimes with multiple offers and many times over list price. A house that sparkles is perceived as a well-maintained home. Buyers sure will not want to miss this opportunity to buy and live in a great home that has been thoroughly and professionally cleaned. A home purchase is an emotional act and it is a psychological association of a buyer to think that if the house is spotless, the house must have been very well maintained as well.

When buyers walk through your house, they are examining it very carefully, taking mental and video notes. We know of buyers who zoom in on baseboards and blinds that are dirty and dusty. This enables them to go home and make comparisons with other homes on the market. If all things equal with the two homes they choose from, guess which house they will choose? You are right, the squeaky clean home. They are able to conceptualize their life in a clean home.

If time and pace of life are a hindrance to deep clean your house, then a good cleaning company in Frisco, Tx might be able to help you with their Make Ready for Market service. If you are on a budget, a company with Impress Your Guests service might be of help with maintenance cleanings for showings. Asking your Realtor for an honest opinion of a list of priority areas to be cleaned will help you and the cleaning company to get the tasks done in the allotted time. Call today for a quote and get your House Ready for Market.