We love our pets. They are an integral part of family life. Many pets shed hair and this causes problems from health issues to clogged drains! While a professional residential cleaning services are very adept at dealing with this issue, pet owners struggle with this. It is imperative that you ensure your pet has a healthy coat of hair. A healthy coat reduces shedding. While the breed will to a great extent determine how much shedding occurs, even in these cases it is possible to reduce shedding. The food, grooming and environment all play a part in shedding

Here are some ways you can reduce pet hair problems:

• Diet – ensure the pet is fed high-quality food that promotes a healthy coat of hair. Take the advice of your veterinarian in selecting the appropriate food.

• Brushing and grooming of pets regularly ensure dead and loose hair is removed in a controlled manner. The softer hair that remains is less prone to shedding

• Use furniture covers to catch shedding fur.

• Vacuuming rooms regularly also reduce the problem. Newly shed hair is easier to remove. If you don’t like doing it yourself, call Easy Breezy Cleaning Company and we can take care of it for you!

• Have a spot that is designated for your pet. Train them not to climb furniture while they are puppies.

• Cover all furniture when not in use

• If you give your pet a bath in the tub, ensure there are strainers on drain holes. This will catch shedding hair

• Make sure to regularly clean the lint catcher in the clothes dryer. They attract shedding hair. Keeping pet hair from spreading throughout the house is hard and continuous work.

Keep at it or call Easy Breezy Cleaning Company. You have yourself an easy breezy time, while we clean your house.

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