Mold and mildew are no one’s dream, but what if there were ways to ensure you never had that problem?

Since mold is a potent allergen, it is prudent to be proactive and takes steps to inhibit the growth of mold.

How can you prevent mold and mildew in your home? Here are 5 tips to effectively tackle this issue.

Although it is impossible to make a home 100% mold-free, yet, you can take steps to drastically reduce the mold and mildew around your house.


1. Use Mold-Resistant Building materials

If you are renovating your home or even building a new one, you should talk to your builder or contractors using mold-resistant drywall. You can get mold-resistant drywall or sheetrock as well as paints with mold-inhibitors in them.

Conventional drywall has a gypsum plaster core that is pushed between paper plies. Mold-resistant drywall does not have any paper in it and the gypsum core is instead covered in fiberglass, which is much more moisture-resistant.

You may want to consider using this type of drywall in your bathroom, kitchen, laundry room, or basement.


2. Clean and Ventilate the Bathroom

Since mold grows easily in humid areas, you need to make sure that you keep your home as dry and clean as possible. If you live in a humid climate, a dehumidifier helps. It is a good idea to have your indoor humidity level between 30% and 60%.

It is very important to be aware of mold growth and the possibilities of growth. Taking out the root cause will eliminate the issue itself.

Starting with the bathroom, take a visual survey of all the surfaces which are subject to moisture. Bath stall? Fixtures? Tight spaces and crevices. These are harbors for bacterial and fungus growth. Spraying a mold killer and using tools like a soft toothbrush, earbuds, a plastic knitting needle will help access to tight places. There are many products that are designed to kill mold.

If you don’t want to use those types of chemicals, steam cleaners are a wise choice. These will help to disinfect your bathroom and generally come with attachments that get into the nooks and crannies.

Cleaning is the first step. After this, you must make sure that the areas are dry.

A great idea is to use a bathroom fan before, during, and after your shower. This will reduce moisture and keep mold at bay. If you don’t have a fan, you could leave the door open to allow the moisture to escape the room.


3. Climatic Conditions in your area

The Northeast part of the United States is cold and wet, but the Southwest is generally hot and dry.

Knowing more about the area you are in will help you understand the possibilities for mold and how likely it is to become an issue.

When you live somewhere like the South where it is generally hot and wet, you may find more issues with mold than you would in dry regions or cold regions. This is because these environments are more difficult for mold to thrive in.

No matter where you live, there is always a possibility for mold or mildew growth. Knowing more about the likelihood of it happening in your climate and what you can do to reduce your chance, however, is a great place to start.


4. Check all leaks

Having a leak anywhere in your house is a huge cause for concern when you are trying to avoid mold or mildew growth.

If you see a leak, even a drop of leaking water, it might be addressed right away by finding the source of the leak. The wet source and the route should be treated with a mold spray to prevent growth and spread.

Larger leaks may require you to get water damage restoration fans to help dry the area entirely. You don’t want to wait on this because mold acts fast. It is wise to get a mold treatment on all affected areas.

The most important thing when you’re dealing with leaks is to make sure that the area is dry completely and that any towels or linens you use are laundered right away. Don’t let the wet mess sit anywhere, particularly the bath floor and closets.


5. Are you ready?

Mold and mildew can be cringe-worthy in any living space, but knowing what to do to prevent the issue makes you a smarter homeowner.

When it comes to preventing mold, there are several steps you can take to avoid dealing with the issue altogether. Using the tips mentioned here will keep your home happy and healthy!

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