New Year is not New Year without making a few resolutions.  Of course, if you have followed your 2018 resolutions, do keep it up. Then again, you can always make life a bit more fun by adding new items to your list of resolutions for 2019.

However, it’s important to point out that people make resolutions thinking they can stick to them.  But the inescapable fact is that come February, many resolutions evaporate like the dodo bird. Ouch.  Nothing but resolutions of steel to prevent that. But who knows? Let me share my own list of resolutions just so we can compare notes!

  • Be happy.  Change the things you can change and accept the ones you cannot.  Pray that you have the wisdom to know the difference.
  • Health – keep up my exercise routine but add 10 minutes of fun time to it.  Fun time? Dance to music, walk backward or jump into any puddle I come across.  All the better if my grandkids are with me.
  • Eating – eat right, but I will have to keep in mind those who can barely afford three square meals a day. I’m keeping tabs by deciding to reduce waste and donate to organizations that help address hunger.
  • Spreading cheer wherever I go – stop to help a person in need, stoop to assist a child with shoelaces, appreciate the work everyone does as a part of their job, and give praise when praise is due.
  • Contact long lost friends – social media makes it easier.  There is a saying “you cannot have too many friends but one enemy is too many”. So, make use of live chat as much as you can to better connect with the very people you are most comfortable with.

What are your resolutions for this year? Do let me know. For now, I wish you all a prosperous and spotless 2019. From the Easy Breezy family to yours!

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