Having a clean leather sofa certainly exemplifies relaxation and comfort in any living space.

But there’s no doubt that your leather couch may be susceptible to grease, dirt, and grime, so it is best to make a habit of keeping your couch in the best condition possible.


Dusting off

To get started, use a vacuum cleaner to remove all the dust. A crevice tool headpiece is ideal for cleaning those crevices in-between the seat cushions that may be attached to the couch. If they are removable cushions, then you can vacuum the seat base with a brush tool. Also be sure to vacuum the top edge of your couch, as well as the armrests and the backrest cushions


Wiping Down

Next step, soak a microfibre cloth in warm water. Wipe down the entirety of the couch. This allows the accumulated greasy and dirt to loosen on the leather surface. For stains and dry spots, use a leather cleaning solution or multi-purpose detergent that is ideal to use on leather. It’s generally better to spot test your cleaning agent on an inconspicuous area first before application. You can also clean using a magic clean eraser, which is ideal for digging deep into those leather creases where most of the dirt and grime may be hiding.


Drying up

Always have a chamois ready to dry up the spots you’ve just cleaned. If you don’t have a chamois, you can use any ordinary drying cloth or a towel.



Leather needs to be conditioned. You will find a leather conditioner at a store that sells leather furniture. Applying a leather conditioner will help prevent your leather couch from drying up and cracking. You will only need to apply the conditioner every six months to a year depending on the climate.


Conditioning Alternatives

If you are not using a leather conditioner bought in a store, you can consider other alternatives that work just as well. A vinegar solution, with one part vinegar in a bowl of warm water, works wonders. For this, you may also add a tablespoon of natural baby soap.

Another method is to use a lemon oil conditioner. Not only does the lemon oil provide long-lasting shine, but it is also incredibly fragrant. Just add 10 – 15 drops on a dry microfibre cloth and gently dab it onto the surface of your couch. Avoid using olive oil, as this may appear effective at first, but it will harm the leather and dry out eventually.


Spot Cleaning

If a stain does happen, wipe it up as soon as possible. For liquid spills rather blot the spill up. For oil spills, blot it out with a clean cloth and leave it to dry. The oil will be absorbed by the leather over time. For minor scratches, use a chamois and some distilled water. Lightly buff on the scratch until it fades away.

Within an hour or so, you will have a freshly cleaned leather couch that will look and feel fantastic.


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