Is it ok to allow a cleaner from Frisco Housecleaning Service to come into your home?

Despite infectious disease experts’ recommendations of erring on the side of caution, pausing a housecleaning service means taking the clients free time away and adding stress to their everyday lives. It also means an impact on their physical and mental health. Not to mention the loss of livelihood for low income wage earners who depend on the consistency of work.

Public health officials have stressed that having a clean home and surroundings is more important now than ever before to prevent the spread of infection and disease. Yet, people who have relied and enjoyed professional housecleaning services are struggling with the dilemma whether to keep their service to take a long pause.

If lack of stress, a happy clean home and free time is important to you, you might look for a company that takes safety very seriously. Check around for a company will answer yes to all these questions:

1. Are your techs briefed on safety measure to fight the virus?
2. You do provide PPE to your techs?
3. Will they require social distancing while in our home?
4. Will they use our equipment and tools if requested?
5. Will they change the towels and mop pads when going from house to house?

If they answer yes to all 5 questions, then you know it is a responsible company that takes safety of clients and cleaners seriously. Staying stress-free and safe is topmost on everyone’s minds these days.