February is one of my favorite months – Christmas is over and January flew past in a blur; cold weather and all. February is a month of anticipation. Spring fever starts striking us as the days turn warmer. Lovers, spouses, and others anticipate Valentine’s day and the thought of flowers or chocolate goodies warm the heart!

Spring is the traditional time for house cleaning. The weather is not too cold or hot and makes for easier indoor or outdoor house cleaning work. I usually start with the garage – accumulated remnants of bad weather, slush, mud, leaves all scream “clean me, clean me”. Naturally being a formidable task, we try to get the kids involved. 

Extra hands

Of course, all of us can expect the usual string of excuses for why they cannot help, but a firm stand using goodies as a reward usually wins the day. If you have teenagers the quest to get their help is oftentimes a lost cause. They are by nature perfectionists at avoiding unnecessary expenditure of energy.

I know I speak from experience – during my teenage years, my Dads or Moms words “I need help cleaning the garage and the house” meant I needed to keep busy with school assignments or do a disappearing trick or some other subterfuge. Usually worked with my Dad but Mom was a different story!

Where to begin?

Cleaning the house can be tedious especially if it has been a task that put off a number of times. But with the anticipation of spring, get your inner cleaning power going and start in short bursts if necessary. The garage is a good place to start. I purge all things that are stored in the garage that are no longer needed or may be needed in the distant future. After this, sweep the floor and the move indoors.

The first place to start is where the family gathers most often. Declutter and clean. Then the bathrooms, bedrooms, and kitchen. If you do not like to clean, then call us for all your home cleaning needs. We will do it, while you relax with your loved ones. Just one call cleans it all.

Have an Easy Breezy Day! Ciao!

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