There’s no better time to give your home the treatment it deserves than the spring season. But while you’re shopping for the materials you need for a spring cleaning, you will have to make sure the products in your cart are eco-friendly. From the solutions you use on your tiles to air fresheners, many cleaning materials contain substances that can be harmful both your health and the environment. Aside from polluting the air and water sources, these substances can also cause cancer, respiratory illnesses, and other diseases. You might as well go green this spring with these practical tips:


1. Go organic

Any cleaning product will do so long as it does the job, right? Sure, but at the cost of your health and that of your family? You should drop the brands that you know and opt for products that are organically based which you can use this spring season.


2. Repurpose old food containers

Plastic food containers can be a major land pollutant especially on the spring season. So instead of throwing them away, you can use them to store smaller items such as paperclips or receipts.


3. Use a DIY cleaner

If you’re going to scrub your kitchen clean of any grime, a cleaning agent usually does the trick. Then again, they contain chemicals such as ammonia and triclosan, which are known to cause skin diseases and a wide range of other health problems. That said, you can swap chemical- heavy products with a homemade solution using baking soda and some salt.


4. Declutter by donating

Want to achieve more space without putting a toll on Mother Nature? Those old clothes and toys you keep in the attic are better off donated to charity rather than thrown away into a nostalgia heap.


5. Make your own air freshener

Aerosol sprays can be harmful to young lungs. Did you know there’s a safer way to make your home smell pleasant? Simply boil some cinnamon sticks and rosemary to create a natural air freshener, without the added risks.

Spring cleaning, for sure, shouldn’t take you an entire day, although you will need to find someone who can give your home a thorough cleanup without destroying the government.
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