Summer Cleaning: Cleaning List for a Neat Home

It can be tough keeping your house clean during the summer. Temperature’s getting warm, the kids on vacation and sometimes, it includes lazy days at the beach. But these should not be an excuse to not clean your home. Cleaning shouldn’t be the last thing on your mind during this season. Here are some summer cleaning tips to freshen up your home for the summer.

1. Keep your Bathroom Mold-Free

Don’t let your bathroom be a breeding place for bacteria and fungi. They like it most when it’s humid and moist. A simple mix of dishwashing soap and a sponge can do the work in cleaning your bathroom tiles. Also, don’t forget to wipe the bathroom seat and under the toilet seat daily. This will keep the molds at bay. You can also prevent them from growing by keeping your ventilation fan on for an hour after a shower, keeping your curtains dry and keeping your shower doors open. With these tips, you will avoid a multitude of health problems by keeping your bathroom clean.

2. Keep your Windows Clean

Make your home look better by getting your windows clean. Clean windows have an effect on the way the entire home looks. You can use distilled vinegar mixed with hot water to clean it. Moisten the window by using the solution. Then, rinse and dry the window frames immediately. Just make sure you do this when there’s no direct sun on the windows.

3. Clean your Porch

Molds are really your enemies this season. In order to get rid of them at your porch, use a water hose with solution attachment. Fill it with a little dish soap and warm water and blast the whole porch and let it sit on all surfaces. Use a soft microfiber car washing mop with a long handle to swipe over everything and rinse it with clean water using the same water hose you used.

4. Clean the Barbecue

To make the most out of the grilling season, you need to have a clean grill to use for your barbecue party. Make sure your grill is clean from all the residues of the last grill. According to Taste of Home, you need a hardwood grill scraper and an onion to clean your grates. First, turn all your burners to high for 15 minutes. This will turn the leftover debris to ash and will easily brush off. Then, turn the burners off before you start scrubbing using your hardwood grill scraper. To use the onion, simply cut it in half and rub it over the preheated grates using your barbecue tongs. Continue doing this until you see the gunk is removed.

Let the warmer weather motivate you to clean your home from top to bottom this season. Yes, it’s hard to manage the day-to-day chaos and mess, but these tips will surely help you in keeping your domicile clean and ready for the summer.

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