Home cleaning chemicals usually have harmful ingredients in them that are extremely dangerous. It may be time for a more natural, safer option.

Here are a few examples to get you started:


For Glass Surfaces (Mirrors/Windows)

What you need: White vinegar and water
Crystal clear surfaces need to be cleaned by clear liquids. Some white vinegar and water will do just fine. Use a spray bottle and a clean, microfiber cloth to begin cleaning your grimy or dusty windowsills, and bathroom mirrors. You can even use it for some non-glass surfaces such as wooden floors to keep them shiny and polished.


Granite or Marble Surfaces

What you need: Soap and Water (NOTHING COLORED)

Granite and/or marble surfaces can be a beautiful sight in your household. It’s essential that you keep it clean and shiny for the next guest or family member. Water and soap are usually enough, as something like vinegar would damage your marble or granite surface. In fact, never let vinegar or even lemon juice rest and soak your marble or granite surface.


Stainless Steel 

What you need: Cooking/Coconut Oil
Kind of ironic that something called “stainless steel” can be, well, stained. But believe it or not, what you use to grease up those frying pans can also work well to clean stainless steel. That’s right, you can use cooking or coconut oil to polish stainless steel surfaces. Simply rub the oil in a clean paper towel and rub it on stainless steel. 


Hardwood Floors

What you need: Mop and Hot Water

Ah, the hardwood floor. Dark, sleek, and most beautiful. It’s an asset to have if you’re really gunning for a more rustic feel for your home. It’s also the type of flooring you will really need to spend plenty of time and effort on. Don’t even think about using chemicals as they tend to soften up the wood. You can do it naturally by mopping it up with some hot water.


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