Tiled floors have been an important feature of home living. Kitchens and bathrooms have them, considering that tiles are ideal for places that often get wet. This reason alone should convince you to clean the floor as often as you can.

Tiled floors are never fully clean until you’ve scrubbed every inch of them. This isn’t always the case since there are various types of tiled floors that require specific methods and materials for cleaning them.


Let’s take a look at a few essential cleaning tips for each type:


Cleaning Ceramic Tile Floors

These types of tile floors can stay clean for quite a while and are really durable.

But even these need maintenance every now and then. Sweep up these floors to clean out any and all loose debris like dirt and dust clumps that can keep your floors from shining bright.

When mopping up messier stains, make sure you’ve got a proper mop like a rag mop. This should be enough to clean tiled floors with just a healthy mix of detergent and warm water.


Cleaning stone tile floors

Stone tiles like slate, marble, and granite take a little more maintenance if you want to keep them clean.

Stone tiles might require you to look for cleaning liquids for natural stone surface surfaces. Cleaners with acidic PH levels like lemon or vinegar should be avoided (especially on marble tiles). Moreover, any cleaning tools that can scratch the surface of your floor are also taboo.


Cleaning resilient tile floors

Not all tiles need to be so hard on the feet, especially when it comes to resilient tiled floors.

Resilient tiled floors such as vinyl and rubber feel really comfortable to step on and are usually easier to maintain. Simply keep these floors dust-free and wipe them down occasionally with water and vinegar.


General tips

For any tiled floor, it’s wise to do a bit of vacuuming before mopping off the grime that’s ruining the look and feel of your tiled floors. Aside from that, you might want to clean the grout by using special products to deal with the bacteria that are building up in between.


Still not sure how to keep your tiled floors in good condition?

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