Cleaning the home of clutter and dirt is only half the battle. You may also need to get rid of germs and other pathogens that are lurking everywhere. 

Sadly, with COVID-19 pandemic, going out to buy disinfectant wipes might not be a good idea

The best you can do is make your own disinfectant wipes using certain materials and the following methods:


Homemade Windex

Windex is used for hard surfaces such as glass or flooring. 

For this one, you’ll need paper towels and water as well as ½ of rubbing alcohol and vinegar.

Mix all of these together and pour the solution over your paper towels to have a convenient and homemade Windex-like disinfectant you can use on windows and floors.


Homemade non-bleach wipes

Some disinfectant wipes make messes worse. Reading the instructions should spare you from a great deal of trouble, but you can always create a safer alternative to bleach wipes. 

For this, mix about ½ a cup of vinegar, a cup of water, some liquid dish soap, and some essential oils. Soak paper towels in the resulting solution for more thorough results. 


Homemade essential oil wipes

Essential oil wipes not only disinfect your home but also leave it smelling fresh.

They are usually made with toxin-free and all-natural ingredients, but you can still get around to making these cleaning tools by yourself.

Simply mix water, dish soap, rubbing alcohol, and a few drops of essential oil blend such as lemon or tea tree. Use the solution along with paper towels to dry up poop stains from pets and get rid of foul odors to keep your home smelling fresh. 

Disinfectant wipes should be included in your anti-COVID-19 arsenal. But for a more thorough cleaning, you might want to bring out the big guns with the help of a professional cleaning service. 

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