The vacuum god has deemed you like the vacuum cleaner.

Vacuum cleaner cleans all the dirt from your home and for sure it already accumulated a lot of dirt and germs. At this point, it could contain bacteria and can contaminate your home and might cause allergies also to you and your family. BUT! Don’t you worry! Don’t throw your vacuum away.

The vacuum cleaner has served you its purpose and helped you clean your home. Now it’s time to show love to your vacuum cleaner that it needs LTC also. Here is a cleaning tip for you on how to keep your hard-working vacuum cleaner clean. 

  1. Put a little elbow grease to clean your vacuum every so often to eliminate the germs.
  2. After using the vacuum cleaner, check all of the brushes to make sure there is no trapped debris or hair stuck on the bristles. Spray the brushes with disinfectant spray to keep the crushes sanitized. 
  3. Empty the Vacuum Canister after you use it. By unloading the canister you would also help improve the performance of your vacuum. This way you will toss any germs or bacteria
  4. Once a month check the Filters and give them a soak and rinse it in cool running water and let out to air dry, Make sure the filters are washable. 
  5. Disassemble Your Vacuum and give it a Deep Cleaning. clean the individual parts with hot water, dish soap a clean brush and also a can of compressed air to clean it off thoroughly taking the dust and debris hidden in the nooks of the vacuum. Let all parts completely dry before putting them back together. 


Vacuum cleaners are said to be one of man’s greatest inventions. That’s why it has to be cleaned and maintained regularly. This will help your vacuum cleaner last long. 

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