You’ve probably tried different natural cleaners to keep your home sparkling clean — but have you tried using Banana peels? 


Bananas could be used in a number of different ways, they’re tasty, and they’re good for you as well! You can bake with them or add them with your everyday skincare routine.

If you have over-ripened bananas lounging all over your house, here are some unexpected uses for Banana peels. 



Mix a few banana peels with a blender to produce a paste. Use this to scrub your precious items with a smooth cloth. Rinse each silverware by dipping it in a water-filled tub. Dry with a clean cloth. This hack is also good for polishing your jewelry.



Potassium in bananas will be absorbed into the leather which will help to will any scuff marks. Then brush off any residual residue and buff with a microfiber cloth for a shiny, new-looking glow.  You can do this when cleaning your bags, couches, jackets, and shoes. 


Ink stains

To help remove ink stains from your skin, use the inside of a banana peel and rub on the affected areas. Voila, instant stain removal! inevitable to spot ink marks on furniture? simply rubbing the white part of the peel onto the tinged corners and spots, then watch the ink magically disappear.


Wood furniture

Smear the peel a bit on your dull-looking wooden pieces, then rub it gently. wipe off with a microfiber cloth to breathe new life into your items.


Bananas are a wonderful, multi-use fruit. But for a more thorough cleaning and with the help of a professional cleaning service. Call Easy Breezy Cleaning Service and book a cleaning from us today!