4 Easy Steps to Cleaning and Sanitizing Your Fridge

It certainly must have been a while since you last deep-cleaned your fridge.

Consider the fact that your fridge contains ingredients that need to be kept fresh. Without regular cleaning, you are actually inviting germs and bacteria into your fridge and letting them spoil the items inside.

For this reason, it’s always a good idea to clean and sanitize your fridge every once in a while so fruits, vegetables, and meat products could last long. 

Here are the steps you need to follow in order to make that happen:

Empty your fridge

First off, empty your refrigerator of its contents. Think of this step as a way to organize and declutter the inside of your fridge just as you would clear out the clutter from an area in your home before cleaning it. 

Be sure to also take this time to check on what foods have already expired.. Spoiled foods that have been in your fridge for more than five days should be discarded. .

Wipe down and sanitize shelves

Next step is to wipe down and sanitize the shelves.

You can apply hot, soapy water on the shelves. After that, mix a tablespoon of bleach with a liter of water and use the solution to sanitize the interior. It may take a lot of work, but using this method should eliminate any bacteria, germs, and mold that may have lingered inside. 

Clean behind the fridge

The coils behind the fridge also do their part in cooling and preserving your food. But they can also accumulate dust, dirt and grime, so don’t forget to clean them after you are done with the interior of your fridge. 

Unplug your fridge and inspect the back. Use a broom and vacuum cleaner to clear out anything that may be stuck to the coils. Moreover, be sure to check under your refrigerator for grime and clean that off with warm soapy water if you can.

Use baking soda to mask smells and clean tough stains

After you’ve cleaned your fridge both on the inside and outside, there’s no harm in giving a little extra effort when it comes to masking smells and removing tough stains.

Baking soda combined with other natural cleaning agents like vinegar and lemon can be used to deodorize and help clean up any tough stains that are hard to remove. 

If you also need to deep clean the rest of your kitchen, hiring a cleaning company should help a lot.

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