4 Ways to Keep Your Home Clean In Between Cleaning Service Visits

Even if you’ve hired a cleaning service to take care of most messes in your house, you still need to keep things neat and tidy until the next cleaning visit. 

Your cleaning service can only come over at a set schedule. In that case, it’s best to give your home a routine cleaning. This will not only make it easier for yourself, but it can also help speed things up for the cleaning service that’s handling the task. 

Here are a few ways to keep your home clean in-between visits by a residential cleaning company:

Reduce cluttera

It’s best to reduce and pick up clutter as you go to keep your home cleaned before your hired cleaning service arrives.

Picking up stray laundry, taking out the trash, or even wiping down your kitchen counters and removing spoiled food items from the fridge can go a long way. Moreover, simple tasks like these can help the cleaning service focus on tasks that require more time and effort. 

Get rid of stains and spills ASAP

Stains and spills should be cleaned right away before they become a problem for your home.

The sooner you take care of these the better it will be for both your home and house cleaners. So, whenever there is a spill on any surface, wipe it out completely. Don’t wait for the stain to settle and become difficult to remove. 

Disinfect surfaces

After cleaning, it’s always recommended to disinfect surfaces. You can start with the sink, showers, and toilets where germs and bacteria usually build up.

Make sure to leave your disinfectants on for about 15 minutes and then rinse them off with warm water and a sponge.

Sweep and mop floors

Dust and dirt can slowly build up on your floors if left unclean.

A cleaning company can just as easily handle this, but to help save time, you need to sweep and mop up your floors. That way, the cleaning service you hired won’t spend too much time on such a simple problem. 

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