5 Reasons You Should Clean Your Kitchen Vent Hood

Your kitchen vent hood puts in a lot of work to make sure the heart of your home is functional and sanitary.

Vent hoods don’t just exist within your home. They also serve hospitals, restaurants, and even airports. 

With this in mind, you will realize that having a vent hood serves a significant purpose. Keeping it well-maintained, even more so. 

Here are a few more reasons why you should clean your kitchen vent hood: 

Keeps out kitchen odors

Clean kitchen vent hoods keep the whole place from stinking up.

The more grease and dust clog up your kitchen vent hood, the less effective it is at blocking foul odors from badly cooked or burnt food and filtering deadly particles in the air that linger afterward.

Fewer fire accidents

Uncleaned kitchen vent hoods raise the risk of fire. Without proper cleaning, the vent hood becomes clogged with grease, thereby keeping fumes from escaping the area. 

All that grease being trapped in your vent hoods can cause the buildup of flammable gases. Keeping the filters free from fast-burning grease can prevent a possible fire hazard. 

Prevent costly damage

Without proper maintenance, the lifespan of your vent hood decreases and you are more likely to take on costly repairs and replacements. 

Preventive maintenance is the key to slowing down wear and tear, so take the time to clean the filters and fans. Do this at least once a week along with checking the device for any imperfections or issues.

Prevents pest infestations 

Pests like roaches, flies, and ants get attracted to grease buildup in your vent hood. If it isn’t taken care of quickly, it will only be a matter of time before they get to other places in your kitchen. 

The buildup of grease attracts pests, so it’s important to keep the vent hood clear of any food debris. Give it a thorough wipe down and seal any entryways that these pests often exploit. 

Builds a safer and healthier home 

Cleaning your kitchen vent hood doesn’t just keep the kitchen clean and sanitary. It also ensures that your family gets a healthier and safer home to live in. 

That’s because cleaning the vent hood also involves removing bacteria that could spread not just in the kitchen but also throughout the other areas of your home.

Remember that it always starts somewhere and you can cut off the source of a potentially bigger mess when you keep these fixtures clean.

The kitchen is the heart of your home for a reason. It beats with life and provides good food fitting for the mind, body, and soul of your home. 

Apart from the vent hood, it also pays to keep every appliance, utensil, and plate clean and sparkling.

You probably don’t have the time for that, but don’t fret! The Call Easy Breezy Team is here to do the job for you so you can focus on making scrumptious meals in a kitchen that’s comfortable, spotless, and perfect. 

See the difference! Schedule a cleaning service today!