Cleaning vs Sanitizing – What’s The Difference?

Cleaning vs Sanitizing: What’s The Difference?

What separates cleaning and sanitizing? Both actually serve to finish one job, and that’s to keep your home healthy and sparkling.

Cleaning your home can never be fully accomplished without sanitizing, and likewise sanitization isn’t possible without thorough cleaning. Both are not entirely the same and need each other in order to get their tasks accomplished.

But what’s the real score between the two? Here are a few things to take note of:

Cleaning and sanitation work together to keep your household clean and safe.


Removing surface messes is cleaning’s department.  

Scrubbing, washing, sweeping. These are a few common tasks that involve cleaning and can even be accomplished in a short amount of time.

The process, for sure, involves getting rid of visible particles and washing away debris. That being said, cleaning involves making certain items presentable. .

However, a quick plate wash is never enough. Cleaning can get rid of most surface messes, yes, but without sanitizing, germs can still linger and pose a risk to your family’s health. 


Sanitizing takes care of the messes not visible to the human eye.

Things like countertops, table surfaces, handles, and especially your dishes can serve as shelters to germs and bacteria. With sanitizing, you give high-contact surfaces a deeper form of cleaning so your family is protected from a range of illnesses. 

Indeed, sanitizing is a higher form of cleaning. Washing off food scraps from your dishes simply won’t do without using dish soap with disinfecting agents. These can kill off pathogens that still linger.

But sanitizing ALWAYS comes after a thorough cleaning. Hand in hand, they help you make sure your kids are always safe around the house.

You don’t have to learn much to know the difference between cleaning and sanitizing. But if you need help with doing both, you can always hire a cleaning company that’s well-equipped to give your home the deep cleaning it deserves. 

At Easy Breezy, we don’t only wipe away stains. We also make sure your home is safe from germs and bacteria. Contact us today!