How to Clean Up After the Holidays

After preparing for the holidays, you eventually end up with an unkempt and cluttered home. We all love to celebrate Christmas and the New Year, but it is the cleaning up after the festivities that puts most people on edge.

It doesn’t have to be that difficult, though. You only need to follow a few simple tips for giving your home the best post-holiday treatment:

1. Carpets

You may not count the number of steps that were planted on your carpet during the Holiday Season, but it doesn’t mean you can’t get rid of any stains in time for the New Year. Simply use a mixture of water, dish soap and hydrogen peroxide to instantly eliminate stains and odors that linger on the fabric.

2. Oven

Think about the holiday dishes you prepared using your oven. Now think about the amount of gunk and residue you have left behind as a result of your holiday preparations. To remove any spills and messes in your oven, you can use a steam cleaner to loosen up any hardened residue. That way, it will be easier to scrub off any stains that remain in the oven.

3. Bathrooms

Not everyone is fond of cleaning the bathroom, but you still need to get some serious cleaning done so you can end the year with a fresh and spotless toilet seat. To give your toilets a deep cleaning, chemical cleaners will do. Just follow it up with a water and vinegar mixture for results that literally sparkle. 

4. Fridge

If you have tons of leftovers in the fridge, consider tossing out any expired food items and wipe down the walls using a vinegar and water solution. This should be enough to remove any stubborn stains and get rid of foul odors that shouldn’t remain once 2021 rolls by. 

Are you excited for the end of the year but cringe at the thought of having a lot to clean up once the celebration is over? You might as well get help from a reliable cleaning service.

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