Stress-Free Cleaning Guide For The Holidays

House cleaning for the holidays can get pretty stressful when you get to looking through that dreaded endless to-do list and seeing just how much needs to be done.

Making sure that your home has the spirit of the holiday in general can add to the stress of keeping it clean for such an occasion, and a messy house can certainly ruin the cheer if you leave it as it is.

But there’s no need to fret, you can still get your house to be ready for both you and your guests this December. Here are a few stress-free-tips for cleaning for the holidays:

Start planning early

This can seem like a stressful task, but if you start planning out your holiday cleaning early on it makes it less of a stressful job especially when you already know what needs to be done.

Identify what rooms need cleaning the most. It would also be best if you could make a checklist of tasks such as setting aside laundry, dusting shelves, and vacuuming your floors to make it easier to plan out early on.

Space it out and prioritize where it’s needed

There’s no need to stress out too much about how much cleaning for the holidays will be needed if you space it out and only take time where it’s needed.

Some rooms in your home will require some priority such as your kitchen, bathroom and bedrooms. Put your focus into making these rooms in particular as clean as they can be.

Pick up clutter where you can as you go along each room and be sure to do priority tasks such as cleaning the toilet in your bathroom, putting away and washing your plates in your kitchen and even making your bed for the day. 

Simple chores such as these can make your home into a more cheery setting for the holidays ahead!

Get assistance when possible

Don’t be afraid to ask for assistance when cleaning your home for the holidays.

Your kids can help sweep floors or keep clutter where it belongs in your home, for instance, or anyone in your household can help with setting tables or putting away plates after a hearty holiday meal.

It’s alright to consider needing help this holiday season, chances are you might get it if you simply ask.

For instance, hiring a cleaning company can come with the stress-free benefit of being sent professional cleaners who can help get your home clean and ready for the holidays in no time.

Easy Breezy has the tools and staff ready to make your home as fresh and clean as it can be for the holidays. Contact us today!