5 Summer Cleaning Activities You Can Get Your Kids Into

Summertime and cleanup don’t usually go together, do they? But it’s possible to get the kids involved in summer cleaning activities that can be a source of fun. 

If you want to spend quality time with the kids and give yourself peace of mind, here are a few ideas for starting them young when it comes to household chores!

Trash finding

Kids enjoy a good scavenger hunt, so why not have them find clutter around the house?

You can turn this into a treasure hunt. Simply mark the spots where there are bins and send your kids looking for items like crumpled pieces of paper and other clutter. To make the game more interesting, give a prize to whoever finds the most clutter. 

With this, you get to turn a dull chore into an exciting adventure that teaches your kids the value of “clean-as-you-go.” 

Practice mopping

Mopping the floors might not be one of the best summer cleaning activities for your kids to take part in, but it’s a great way to train them to handle a spill. 

You just need to give your kids a smaller mop and have them practice on little spills so they can get a hang of this chore. You’ll train responsible and active little moppers in no time.

Laundry pileup

Do you have laundry baskets filled with mountains of dirty clothing? Get your kids in on laundry day by turning this tedious chore into a fun and goal-oriented activity. 

Get your kids to run to the laundry baskets and dump all of their used clothing. Give them bonus points if you can get your kids to separate these piles of clothes by color or size for easy sorting.

This simple activity is a great way to expose your kids to laundry work at an earlier age. 

Yard cleanup after playtime

You can get a two-for-one kind of deal when you get your kids to clean up the yard after their playtime.

Get them to sweep up some leaves or pick up their outdoor toys lying around. Summer cleaning activities like these are why your kids can still have their fun and your yard remains clutter-free throughout the season. 

While you are at it, consider teaching your kids the value of keeping the surroundings free of imperfections. 

Dish collecting

Your kids can help collect the dishes around your home so they get loaded into the dishwasher.

Teach them how to carefully gather fragile plates and bring them over to where your dishwasher is located. It might be best not to have them rush this chore. Instead, encourage them to pick up after themselves once they are done with their meal. 

Positive reinforcement can also go a long way, so reward them with an ice cream dessert for putting away dishes.

These summer cleaning activities can help prepare your kids for cleaning up around the house. For the more heavy-duty activities, you should leave the work to a team of experienced cleaning experts. 

Reach out to the Call Easy Breezy team and let us give your home the pampering it deserves. Contact us today to learn more!