How to Get Rid of Dust with Deep Cleaning

Dust can build up and cause all sorts of health risks, so it’s always important to give your home a deep cleaning every now and then.

After all, the buildup of dust bunnies and dust mites in corners and undersides of upholstery can become a serious health risk to your family. 

With that being said, here are a few more tips for dust deep cleaning in your home:

Air out your home

Airing out your home not only clears out dust, it also gives you a good idea of how much of it has accumulated over time. 

So, open a few windows in areas such as your living room and bedroom. The air will help get rid of any excess particles, even those that are hard to reach.  

Use a microfiber cloth to wipe electronic devices

Dust can build up and settle on appliances like video games consoles, television sets, and washing machines. 

The best way you can clear them out is to wipe them off using a microfiber cloth. This can help pick up any particles without damaging your devices. 

Vacuum floors and furniture

Vacuum your floors and furniture at least once a week to pick up any dust that has accumulated over time.

This process can really clear out most dust particles and even help you clean additional spaces. You may want to check  under your bed and behind the fridge since these serve as hiding places for debris. 

Consider purchasing high-quality filters and purifiers

Installing high-quality filters in your ventilation system can help you clear out dust faster and more efficiently. Opt for HEPA filters which work great against larger particles. 

You can also consider purchasing an air purifier that works great against dust particles as well as mold and pathogens.

Do you need to deep clean your home so it becomes dust-free? Easy Breezy is here to help you out with that. Book a cleaning today and enjoy a healthier home environment!