Proper Disinfecting Tips for Your Home

Getting sick at home can be very dangerous during these times. You have to make sure your home is fully sanitized in order to reduce the risk of infection.

That’s said, disinfecting your home is your best protection against pathogens. Check out this guide to giving your home a deep cleaning. 

Stock up on disinfectants

Maintain a ready arsenal of disinfectants and other cleaning solutions.

You can also try safer alternatives such as a baking soda or vinegar solution if you can’t find a commercial disinfectant at the nearest supermarket.

Wiped down surfaces

You’ll want to use your disinfectants or wipes on high contact surfaces such as countertops, handrails, remote controls and everything else you get hold of. 

Use a microfiber cloth on these surfaces to eliminate dust and grime, as well as get rid of any pathogens that remain. Be diligent and make sure to deeply clean these areas to ensure a healthier home environment.

Wipe down commonly used items

There are items within your home that are always used by you and others who may have fallen ill.

Common examples include phones, keypads, computer keyboards, handles, and switches. You may as well use disinfectant wipes on these items to eliminate any and all pathogens that sit on the surface.

Dispose used items 

Got old unused toothbrushes? Haven’t taken out the trash? Make sure you get rid of these to lower the risk of infection in your surroundings.

This also applies to any uneaten food or drinks left lying around. You don’t know who last took a sip or bite, so it’s to throw these out and wash dishes using liquid soap. If you are using plastic cups, it’s better to dispose of these as well. 

Apart from these approaches, it is also important to observe basic safe hygiene practices such as washing your hands for 20 seconds and keeping yourself from touching your face. Additionally, always wear protective gear such as gloves and masks when disinfecting your home.

You can also hire a cleaning service for additional help. Get the right professionals to give your home a thorough cleaning. Contact Easy Breezy today!