Tips for Cleaning Your Home When Moving Out

If you’re planning on moving out soon, you might be wondering if it’s still worth making sure to keep your home in its best state before you go. 

In most cases, you should give your home one last clean-up before moving on to greener pastures. Your landlord might need you to do this before you head out or it may just be customary to do it in your area so you can have your security deposit returned to you.

It’s polite either way to at least allow future tenants to enjoy the space as soon as they move in. Here are some tips to help you get started:

Pack up all important items

There may be some clutter lying around that makes your house feel like your own. It’s time to pack these up before you do anything else. 

Go around your home and pack up items like photo frames, trinkets, and memorabilia. Put these in labeled boxes and set them aside. When moving day comes, you are ready to move out these sentimental objects.

Deep clean the kitchen

Appliances that may stay behind when you move out like your oven or fridge should be deep-cleaned of any grime and dirt. So, before moving out, give them a thorough wipe down using a quality cleaning solution. 

Aside from that, your cupboards should be cleared of any dishes or utensils. Make sure to wipe the interior as well. You should also scrub down surfaces such as the countertop and sink so that the next occupants won’t have to do the work.  

Give your bathroom one last wash

Your shower, toilet, and sink should look like new before you leave. You should also spend time disinfecting them.

Additionally, you also need to address other issues such as mold and limescale buildup. For this reason, give yourself at least a week to make sure the area is free from health hazards. 

Make your bedroom look right

Make your bed by removing all the sheets from the pillows and the mattress itself. If possible, dismantle your bed frame and move it aside with your mattress where it won’t get in the way as you move out/. 

Don’t forget to pick up and clean any stray clothing lying around your bedroom before moving on. You don’t want to leave some of your favorite shirts around for your home’s new occupants to find. Finally, leave the room smelling fresh by giving it a good spray from a Lysol can. Just don’t go overboard! 

Sweep, mop, and vacuum your entire home

Do one last sweep of your entire home before moving out. That way, the next residents can focus on unpacking and getting cozy. 

Sweep up any dust collecting around various areas of your home. Then, mop up your floors to give them a lasting shine. Finally, vacuum everything else including hard-to-reach places and corners. 

If you want a professional’s touch to prepare your home before moving out, why not hire a cleaning company to do it for you? 

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