4 Tips for Decluttering Overwhelming Messes

Have you ever had an overwhelming and daunting amount of clutter littering your home that you need to clean up?

Clutter can start off small, like a misplaced sock that you could put away later. But it takes you by surprise often when that small mess suddenly becomes a huge problem.

With a few handy tips, you can still get this mess taken care of even if you’re overwhelmed. Here are a few examples to help with clearing overwhelming clutter in your home in a pinch:

Get started immediately

Don’t hesitate! Procrastination is what got your clutter to this point in the first place. 

No matter how overwhelming the mess is now, your best course of action is to tackle it head-on right away before it gets any worse. 

To get yourself started, scope out the locations in your home where clutter accumulates the most such as under your couch in the living room. From there, you can decide what to do with what you pick up as you clean.

Toss out trash

Trashable items should be among the piles of clutter scattered about your home.

If you have trash bags ready, have one designated for items to be taken out to the garbage later due to it being broken, uncleanable, or because it just litters up your home. Be sure to separate biodegradable materials from non-biodegradable ones. 

Return valuable items to their rightful place

Valuable items that you still need but are part of the cluttered mess in your home should be returned to their rightful place. 

Simply put them in a separate trash bag or container. When you’ve gathered them all up be sure to return utensils to the kitchen or ornaments to their shelves. That way, everything stays right where it should be.

Learn to let go of unneeded items

Items that aren’t trash but haven’t served you any purpose as of late also need to be taken care of.

Prepare a donation box for these unneeded items. You can either sell them or give them away if you don’t feel like discarding. At any rate, you don’t have to think about who you want to give them to just yet. Your goal here is to keep your home clean of clutter and this is simply a part of that chore.

There’s also the option of reaching out and asking for help where it’s needed. If a mess is too overwhelming to tackle by yourself, consider hiring the services of a cleaning company.

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