Why Consider Green Cleaning for Your Home?

Is green cleaning worth your time and money?
In recent years, homeowners have become more conscious about the materials they use for
cleaning. Many of these contain volatile organic compounds or VOCs that are known to cause
cancers and respiratory illnesses. Moreover, these materials also pose a danger to the
For this reason, homeowners like yourself are looking towards green cleaning solutions. But are
they as effective as the many commercial cleaning products you find on supermarket shelves?
Let’s look at why using eco-friendly cleaning products and approaches are worth trying out.
A safer home environment
Using green cleaning products keeps the environment in your home as safe as it is clean.
Green cleaners don’t contain harmful chemicals that could pose a risk to you and your family.
They can clean up any mess with ease without emitting harmful toxins that can endanger the
health of your family as well as your pets.
That’s because green cleaning products also have biodegradable ingredients. They are easy to
dispose of with no risk of polluting the environment.
Convenient and on-hand
Green cleaning products are convenient and available around your home right now.
Look at the label of a green cleaner and see if you can spot ingredients like lemon zest or
bleach. You can use these in place of commercial cleaners in case you have run out.
In addition, it’s easy to come up with a cleaning solution from scratch. Search online or check
out the Easy Breezy blog for recipes for homemade cleaners using on-hand items.
Easier-to-use and less risky
Green cleaning products are not only accessible, but they’re also easier to use.
You won’t have to wrap your head around complicated directions. Green cleaning products
come with easy steps with little to no risk to your safety if you happen to make a mistake.
When working with commercial cleaners, you will have to be very precise when mixing different
chemicals. With a green cleaning solution, there is less risk of injury or ingestion since the
ingredients are all-natural.

Here are a few reasons why this can be a good idea.

Even if you make a mistake while mixing, nothing serious will ever happen to you in the
Cost-effective and economical
Want to save a little more money when spending on new cleaners? Try out green cleaning and
see the difference.
Green cleaning products are less expensive than most commercial cleaners. At a lower price,
they are as effective if not better than the cleaners you have been using for some time. They
also can do more than one type of cleaning. In other words, you won’t have to buy separate
cleaners for glass, vinyl, and other surfaces.
Green cleaners are a fantastic investment to make because of this. They are safe, convenient,
and easy-to-use tools for cleaning up your home. Think about this when you want to make a
switch to healthier and more eco-friendly alternatives.

If you want to take it a step further and deep clean your entire household, why not hire a
cleaning company that uses green cleaning?
Easy Breezy has the tools and know-how that will help you achieve a cleaner, healthier, and
more sustainable home. Contact us today to learn more!