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Seasons’ Cleaning! Top 5 Tips to a Stress-Free Holiday Season

There’s no dampening this year’s Holiday season. But whether or not you are expecting guests
for Christmas, you will need to keep your home in pristine condition.

On top of buying presents and decorating your home, you will also need to spend time and
money making sure your home is spotless and clear of clutter.

Expect to have a lot on your plate this Holiday Season, but with these tips, you can keep your
stress levels to a minimum and enjoy the last weeks on your terms!

  1. Start decluttering
    The first thing you will need to do is to store away any items you don’t need anymore. You will
    be surprised by how the amount of extra space you can use for decorating. Start by clearing out
    remnants of this year’s Halloween decorations on your front yard, porch, and living room. If you
    are expecting guests this year, make sure to put things like books, trophies, and framed photos
    in their proper places
  1. Do a bit of dusting
    Routine dusting is essential to preventing the build-up of debris that are a hazard to people with
    allergies. While microfiber cloths should work on most surfaces, you still need a vacuum cleaner
    with a proper attachment or a dust mop should help clear out larger clumps of dust. Make sure
    to wear a mask and safety goggles if you are sensitive to dust particles.
  2. Prep your bathroom
    You can’t have a clean home for the Holidays if your bathroom hasn’t been cleaned up from top
    to bottom. Use a tile cleaner and a heavy-duty brush to get rid of the mold that lies between the
    tiles. You will also need to replace your shower curtain, window curtain, and bathroom rug with a
    new one that captures the festive spirit. If you want to take bathroom preparation even further,
    consider adding flowers and an air freshener. Don’t forget to clean the exhaust fan. Remove and
    wipe down the cover and use your vacuum’s dusting brush to get rid of any debris behind the
  3. Keep the dining and kitchen areas nice and tidy
    The Holidays aren’t complete without a traditional Christmas feast. But before you cook an
    amazing meal to celebrate the festive season, you need to get a great deal of cleaning done in
    your kitchen and dining area. Consider giving the oven a thorough cleaning and disinfecting
    utensils, plates, and glassware. You will also need to wipe down the dinner table and wash the
    table cloth using anti-bacterial soap.
  4. Get a cleaning kit ready
    From spilled wine to mud tracks on the floor, you will never know the kind of emergency that will
    happen after you have done your pre-Holiday spring cleaning. It helps if you have an arsenal of
    cleaning tools such as microfiber cloths, mops, and natural disinfectants at the ready so you can
    deal with surprise messes before they get worse.
    Prepping your home for the Holidays can be time-consuming, especially if you have other
    important schedules lined up. In this case, you should reach out to a reliable cleaning company
    to help freshen up your home in time for the festive season.
    Book a service with us at Easy Breezy and let us help make this year’s Holiday Season even
    less hectic!